Conclusion and Future Enhancements

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Welcome to the grand finale of our Detris series, where we've been guiding you through the creation of a full-featured Tetris game using Deno.

Starting the game

Now you have a complete Tetris game, start the server using Deno. The --unstable flag is required as Deno KV is not yet stabilized:

deno run -A --unstable main.ts

Check out the Detris GitHub repository, create an issue, or leave a comment below this article if you have any problems or feedback!

What We've Built

Congrats, you've made it to the end of the series! Let's recap what we've built:

  • A web-based Tetris game using Deno
  • Single-player mode with server-side calculations
  • Additional multiplayer modes, Co-Op and Battle
  • Basic AI opponents

Wrapping Up

Thanks for following along! I hope you enjoyed this series and learned something new. Now go ahead and build your own awesome version of Tetris!

See you in the next project!

Creating AI Opponents: Dive into the Code